Contact Standard

For availability and rates, contact:
Ted Kantrow | Partner
(318) 572-6240

Josh Morehead | Partner
(512) 787-5265

David Long | Partner
(512) 748-1639

Location Gourmet is based in Louisiana with local offices in Shreveport, Atlanta, New Orleans and Austin, TX.

[nectar_gmap zoom=”5″ enable_zoom=”1″ marker_style=”default” marker_animation=”1″ map_greyscale=”1″ size=”500″ map_center_lat=”30.3500″ map_center_lng=”-90.3000″ map_markers=”32.5147|-93.7472|Shreveport, LA
29.9667|-90.0500|New Orleans, LA
30.2500|-97.7500|Austin, TX
33.7550|-84.3900|Atlanta, GA”]