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How We Got Started

Ted Kantrow and David Long formed Location Gourmet in 2008. They have collectively more than 20 years of film and TV production catering experience from major studios to independents. With a focus on freshness, they source local, sustainable, organic foods available in each market they serve for the ultimate catering experience. Their combined knowledge of the film industry and catering business inform culinary efficiency for the set and the crew. Based in Louisiana with local offices in Shreveport, New Orleans, Atlanta and Austin, TX., Location Gourmet is a world class catering source for motion picture and TV production. Beyond business, Ted spends his free time with his wife and two kids around the center of his home – an over-sized butcher block kitchen island where cooking and conversations start and end every day. David Long loves to travel and get inspired by international cuisine. When there are a few hours left in an evening, you’ll find David testing his culinary finds with friends and family.

[carousel script=”owl_carousel” desktop_cols=”4″ desktop_small_cols=”3″ tablet_cols=”2″ mobile_cols=”1″ column_padding=”5px” autorotate=”true”][item id=”1389858026114-10″ title=”Item” tab_id=”1499810458404-6″][team_member image_url=”3321″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” description=”Ever since I can recall I’ve been in the kitchen. I have two younger twin sisters that I love and have looked after since I can remember. I started out just cooking for us which stemmed into cooking for the family full time. It naturally became my passion and my work.
My career at Location Gourmet started out on the set to work Where the Heart Is, my first movie. I loved it. I never left. Since then I’ve kept my head up and have been cooking my ass off ever since. I love being in the kitchen. The only reason I do as well as I do is because I genuinely love the job and will break my neck to take care of the crew on every job.” name=” Joshua Lee Morehead” job_position=”Chef/Partner”][/item][item id=”1389858025982-8″ title=”Item” tab_id=”1499810858679-2″][team_member image_url=”3320″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” description=”The best thing about this work is the camaraderie among my crew. We enjoy a new atmosphere, almost daily with new faces, and the familiar ones alike. I thrive on the pressure to keep up with trends, keeping the food new and exciting and the gratification of being acknowledged for a job well done. The competitive nature of the culinary world and the ever challenging nature of the film industry are what make this job amazing. Every show, it seems, we learn a new or better way to do things. Constantly upgrading. Never bored. That’s for sure. Never.” name=”Justin McDonell” job_position=”Chef”][/item][item title=”Item” id=”1413469908944-0-0″ tab_id=”1499810858723-10″][team_member image_url=”3325″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” name=”Dan Norton” job_position=”Chef” description=”I have been a location caterer for more than 15 years. I’m very good at it obviously or I wouldn’t be working here. Everybody likes good food. It’s the one thing we all have in common no matter how different we may appear. It’s soothes the savage beast. Always works on me. I’m a moody artist in the kitchen and demand it all to goes perfectly. That’s why it usually does. This work allows me to try new recipes constantly, always meet new people and see some interesting places while I’m at it. Let’s eat!”][/item][item id=”1389858026071-1″ title=”Item” tab_id=”1499810858758-8″][team_member image_url=”3324″ team_memeber_style=”meta_below” link_element=”none” color=”Accent-Color” description=”My passion for food began at a very young age, when I started helping my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As soon as I realized how much joy cooking can bring, I knew it was the career path for me. The best part about my job is that I have the opportunity to cook something different each day. I get to work with some great people that appreciate the work I put into giving them a great meal each day.” name=”Chris Koeroghlian” job_position=”Chef”][/item][/carousel]
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true detective

“It has been said that a production company travels on it’s stomach and Location Gourmet provides great tasting food every day keeping our cast and crew happy and well feed. Its like having a great New Orleans restaurant on set everyday.” – Scott Stephens, Producer – True Detective, The Series

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