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Joshua Lee Morehead

Chef / Partner

My career at Location Gourmet started out on the set to work Where the Heart Is, my first movie. I loved it. I never left. Since then I’ve kept my head up and have been cooking my ass off ever since. I love being in the kitchen. The only reason I do as well as I do is because I genuinely love the job and will break my neck to take care of the crew on every job

Dan Norton


I have been a location caterer for more than 15 years. I’m very good at it obviously or I wouldn’t be working here. Everybody likes good food. It’s the one thing we all have in common no matter how different we may appear. It soothes the savage beast. Always works on me. I’m a moody artist in the kitchen and demand it all goes perfectly. That’s why it usually does. This work allows me to try new recipes constantly, always meet new people and see some interesting places while I’m at it. Let’s eat!

Chris Koeroghlian


My passion for food began at a very young age, when I started helping my mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As soon as I realized how much joy cooking can bring, I knew it was the career path for me. The best part about my job is that I have the opportunity to cook something different each day. I get to work with some great people that appreciate the work I put into giving them a great meal each day.

Paul Lomonaco
Paul Lomonaco


I have always loved being in kitchens. It led to culinary school, working in some of the best fine dining restaurants, and traveling to different countries. In my cooking, I love the simplicity of our menus and pairing things with notes most people haven’t experienced. My crew loves what they do and it shows through our product. And by far, Location Gourmet is the best company I have had the pleasure of working for and side by side with some really great chefs!